Singles and EPs

The Gushing Hebridean Dropoff

Created: June 2008

Where: Study, Bonnybridge

Marginally remastered versions of wav detritus uncovered from 2006.

  1. Farflung
  2. Farflung (Suprext Version)
  3. 78 (Demo)


Created: March 2006

Where: Study, Bonnybridge

  1. Zerphio
  2. Propamof
  3. Zzrephkit


Created: March 2006

Where: Study, Bonnybridge

  1. CSR
  2. TVR
  3. CSR (Version)
  4. CSR (Quattro - Demo)


Created: June 2005

Where: Study, Bonnybridge

Not made for Live 8. Ready to use:

  1. take all three tracks in one hand;
  2. inject forcefully into the heads of world leaders while showing picture of dying child, picture of oil rig, picture of dying child, picture of oil rig
  3. repeat until dawn.
  1. Ikeda B
  2. Ufu
  3. Esrever


Created: May 2005

Where: Study, Bonnybridge

Purposefully distorted, another one take output taking about two hours from start to finish, including searching for "free" acapellas to use! Lyrics thanks to Future Breeze and Virtual Darkness for providing the acapella version. Everything else thanks to a demo version of Sytrus, and a demo version of FL Studio. For a change.

  1. Cruciform (featuring Future Breeze)
  2. Cruciform (Instrumental)

Echoing Demands

Created: March 2005

Where: Study, Bonnybridge

Nearly used up the entire MLK speech archive now, best find some talent quick!

  1. Red-Green-Blue
  2. Shtuck
  3. Light Bringeth

Slosh Baffles

Created: February/March 2005

Where: Study, Bonnybridge

A regression to lo-fi, a blend of alcohol (or hangover) and samples from Computer Music magazine cover CDs. Raw, one-take sessions again, these aren't intended as serious attempts at music creation. Just jammin' badly.

  1. Sludgehunker
  2. The Raygun
  3. Hello Morris
  4. The Hunting


Created: February 2005

Where: Study, Bonnybridge

A new year, and a new mood. Installed Fruity Studio in demo mode, prohibiting any savings, and hence latter adjusting, of the sound. Is this jazz? It is output only once and then the workstation is closed, never to return again. One copy, one moment. It may not be any good; it's flawed and could be bettered. But that is for music to decide; we aren't looking for perfection, we're looking for meaning, for inspiration, for fragments of life captured in the peripheral vision of the world. When you catch a butterfly, show everyone...

  1. Unite Me
  2. This Is Not Our Fight
  3. Praise Me

Thanks to the The George W. Bush Public Domain Audio Archive for the vocal samples and the inspiration for what for me is a disconcertingly "nice" portrayal of our new dictator, and our new Nurembergs.

Lox Tank Equator

Created: December 2004

Where: Study, Bonnybridge

  1. Waves
  2. Preserve The Manatees
  3. Hatched
  4. Danger
  5. The Overseer
  6. Emerging From Beyond
  7. The Return

Made In China

Created: February 2003

Where: Flat, Edinburgh

  1. Death And People
  2. People And Death